07 February, 2006

BSPUG: Creating SharePoint Site Definitions

In my presentation today at the Brisbane SharePoint User Group, I gave an introduction into what is involved in creating and using SharePoint site definitions. As promised, here's a list of references that relate to what was covered.

  • MSDN gives a good introduction to site definitions and custom templates including pros and cons with the two approaches.

  • Heather Solomon gives a comprehensive walkthrough of how to create a site definition including how to create a list template.

  • MSDN has an introduction to CAML followed by a complete reference on all the elements and attributes.

  • Todd Bleeker has a post on how to use the AlternateCSS attribute in CAML to apply a custom style sheet to a site definition.

Thanks to James Milne for an excellent presentation on customising SharePoint forms with FrontPage. Drop by his website and check out his great tools including the SharePoint Style Designer he showed us briefly today.

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