13 March, 2006

Rollup web parts in SharePoint 2007

The SharePoint Team Blog has released some information on new rollup web parts to be included in SharePoint 2007. This is great news as the current version of SharePoint has practically no out-of-the-box options in terms of aggregating content from various team sites.

The new web parts allow you to roll up all the documents created, modified or checked-out to you as well as including all the tasks assigned to you. It is not quite clear from the post how configurable these web parts will be but it appears that they are limited to documents and tasks and based only on content relating to the current user.

I agree with Robert te Kaat's post that more flexible rollup web parts are desirable. For example, it would be nice if a parent site could display a list of all tasks aggregated from all the child sites or an aggregated list of high priorty issues. This is currently achievable with FrontPage and the data view web part, but a standard web part for this would allow numerous quick wins when SharePoint is used as a project management tool.

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rkeinc said...


You are right on - and I'm waiting to see if SharePoint 2007 has the feature you describe. I have had to work with 3rd party tools that is an added layer of overhead!

Let me know if you have found anything in 2007?



Kristian Kalsing said...

In MOSS 2007 the standard web part offering this functionality is called the Content Query Web Part.

Anonymous said...

The Content Query WebPart allows only to rollup data for only one list at a time ... you know any particular way to develop a webpart which could be able to rollup data from many lists from various webs in a site collection. Also be able to able to Select Particular fields from the various Lists.
I was looking at SPSiteDataQuery to acheive this but somehow wasnt able to figure that out.
Any help from your side would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

This is an incredible oversight by the MOSS team in my oppinion. The Content Query Web part works but is not sufficient as:

1. It only shows the task description (there's no way to add other fields). So for example I cannot see against which site the task was reported.
2. I cannot get it to not show completed tasks - I tried using the 'and' filter but there seems to be some sort of bug there.
3. I'd also like to be able to see all rollup tasks for a division as well as 'assigned to me' but this does not provide the option.
4. The My Sites feature for rolling up tasks is so convoluted in the way you have to belong to the 'contributors' group in order for that to appear and also I'd like to see my tasks first and documents second (with the proper folder hierarchy rather than just a flat list) but there seems to be no way to do that.

Such a simple requirement for a useful - but instead we have the 1000's of useless web parts that come out OOB.

Anonymous said...

Did SharePoint 2007 include this feature?

Kristian Kalsing said...

Roll-up in MOSS 2007 can be done with the Content Query Web Part. A few useful links here: http://delicious.com/kalsing/cqwp