14 September, 2006

Records Management in SharePoint 2007

Due to the massive amount of information being created in business today combined with numerous large court cases against companies for not having proper record keeping, records management is becoming an increasingly important investment area. With Office 2007 we finally get records management into SharePoint.

A growing number of organisations look to the international standard, ISO 15489, for guidance on records management. The question is whether a records management solution based on SharePoint 2007 and the rest of the Office 2007 suite of products is compliant with this standard. Other eDRM products like Meridio use their compliance with ISO 15489 as one of their main selling points.

Although not officially being fully compliant with ISO 15489, features of Office 2007 have been designed with this standard in mind. Microsoft has a Records Management Team that works across the different Office products to incorporate records management capabilities. Their blog is a must read if you are working with using SharePoint 2007 for records management.

What I would like to know is whether it is possible to build a records management solution with SharePoint 2007 (and the rest of Office) that is 100% compliant with ISO 15489. My initial assessment is that we are not far off. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who can identify parts of ISO 15489 where SharePoint 2007 will have compliance issues and how these issues can be addressed.


alistair said...

standards compliance is always a tricky issue, mostly because a RMS is not standards compliant by itself. The people, policies, procedures and processes also affect whether a records management solution is compliant.

SharePoint should be able to meet the technical requirements of ISO 15489, but the other aspects that make it up would need to be fleshed out.

I guess the only way to be 100% sure is to build the system, use the system for a few months and then get it audited by an ISO auditing body.

Anonymous said...

Hey - drop me a line.

angus dot logan at microsoft dot com.

Karthick S said...

Does SharePoint 2010 meet these standards?

• ISO 15489 - International Records Management Standard, and
• ISO 19005-1 - Document management - Electronic document file format for long-term Preservation Standard

Record management said...

Thanks Kristian Kalsing for such a useful blog .Points outlined by alistair is also right but i disagree with alistair at last point because first building a system use it for few months and then get it audited will be expensive and time consuming.So that should should also be kept in mind
Karthick S as i know Out of the box, SharePoint 2010 does not meet those standards. However, there are 3rd party tools that we can add to the environment to make it so.