24 January, 2007

New SharePoint Designer Team Blog

The SharePoint Designer Team at Microsoft have just started a new blog. They are promising posts on usage scenarios and general positioning of the product. I must admit I was one of those slight sceptics of FrontPage. However, these days I find myself doing more and more cool things in SharePoint quite efficiently using SharePoint Designer. I look forward to learn more good stuff by reading the SharePoint Designer Team Blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kristian,

I created a custom list in Sharepoint 2007 and then "imported" that custom list to a web form (.aspx) in Sharepoint Designer 2007. In Designer I was able to format the page to the requirements for one of our departments.
This was done on the developement server, when I try to copy over the web form (.aspx) to the production server I receive an error message that it cannot find the correct connection string to the server.
Is there a way to move a page over to a production server without having to recreate the custom list and format it in Designer again ?

Any insight would be helpful.