23 January, 2007

Version numbering when migrating documents into SharePoint

When creating a new document in (or uploading one to) a SharePoint document library with versioning switched on, the document will be given version number 1.0 in the version history.

When moving documents across to a document management solution based on SharePoint document libraries, your documents will more often than not already have a version history in another system. This could be as simple as having kept a version number manually inside the document itself along with a revision history table.

I have had clients asking about the possibility for initialising the version number that SharePoint gives new documents. By design this is not supported by the SharePoint API and hence it cannot be done. Don't even think about going straight to the database to do it.

So, what do you do about keeping track of your audit trail across the two systems? Here's a couple of options I can think of:
  1. Create a custom column with a manually updated version number (or updated automatically by a workflow). Basically continuing the previous version numbering.
  2. Only use the new version numbers in SharePoint and then document the mapping between the last version in the previous system and the first version in SharePoint.


Anonymous said...

Great help. Thank you very much!

The Gekko said...

This was posted back in 2007. Any chance this has been made easier in SharePoint 2013?