11 March, 2007

IIS 7.0 features

This month's edition of MSDN Magazine has a great article giving insight into the features of IIS 7.0. Although Windows Server "Longhorn" is still some time away, Windows Vista actually ships with the same full-featured IIS 7.0 bits that are expected to be released in Windows Server "Longhorn." So you can start playing with it now!

I really like that the IIS metabase is gone. You can now configure all of the IIS specific settings through the hierarchy of web.config files side-by-side with your application configuration. This really simplifies deployment, configuration, backup and recovery.

07 March, 2007

Asia Pacific SharePoint Conference

The long anticipated Asia Pacific SharePoint Conference in Sydney has now been officially announced. It was held with enormous success in Europe in February with more than 2,300 participants. Only 500 spots are available the Asia Pacific event, so you have to be quick. More details here.