11 May, 2008

Fit To Screen in Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile 6.0

I might be the last person to have figured this out but you can change the default rendering in IE on Windows Mobile 6.0 so the text will wrap and fit within the window.

One of my favourite mobile websites is the mobile version of Wikipedia on wapedia.mobi. Instant answers to almost anything anywhere anytime, which is really extremely powerful once you're used to it. But the need to constantly having to use the horizontal scroll bar has previously made it a little cumbersome to use.

To fit the content to screen and get rid of the horizontal scroll bar:

  1. Open Internet Explorer on your Windows Mobile.
  2. Select Menu > View > Fit To Screen.

Meanwhile I'm waiting for the Windows Mobile 6.1 firmware upgrade for my HTC TyTN II. According to an HTC press release, the software update should be available soon. ZDNet reports that IE on Windows Mobile 6.1 should have the full rendering capabilities of the desktop version of IE 6.

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