05 November, 2008

Office Access as a front-end developer tool for SharePoint

I was watching Steve Ballmer speak at the Liberation Day event in Sydney and noted a comment he made about the roadmap of Office Access and its integration with SharePoint.

Steve’s presentation was mainly focused around the Windows Azure platform that was recently announced at the PDC. At the subsequent Q&A session there was a question about what else we should be excited about apart from Azure.

The answer was basically SharePoint, SharePoint and SharePoint. And in particular, Steve referred to some powerful developments with Access evolving into a front-end developer tool for SharePoint.

In the current version of SharePoint we can use Access as an offline client for applications built in SharePoint. By the sounds of it, in the next version, we will be able to go the other way and build applications in Access that are then deployed to SharePoint.


M Simms said...

Any time frame for the new version of Access ? 2010 ?
Whew, many developers are looking at Access alternatives and have panned the Sharepoint list integration badly.

M Simms said...

When will the new version of Access be developed ? The last one took 4 years and there were few new significant features and hardly any improvements for developers.
Many, many Access developers are leaving the flock to go with better supported tools. To many, the sharepoint integration in Access 2007 is a bit of a joke.