16 December, 2008

IView Web Part restrictions in MOSS 2007

Looks like it’s a big week for EP/MOSS interoperability. Yesterday the SharePoint Team released the WSRP Toolkit for SharePoint 2007 and today the SAP interoperability folks at Microsoft released a new white paper explaining the limitations of the IView Web Part and how to get around those.

I’ve encountered the infinite refresh loop issue described in the introduction of the white paper. The IView Web Part uses an IFrame to display the iView from SAP, but sometimes the web part will go into an infinite loop. This can now be addressed by developing a simple custom web part using an HTML object tag for displaying the iView. Simply follow the guidelines in the white paper.


Anonymous said...

I have tried using the white paper for developing a web part that utilizes the object tag, however it does not seem to render anything when deployed on Sharepoint. I have used exactly the same code and nothing gets rendered. However if I replace the "object" tag with "iFrame" I get the same results as infinite (death) loop and some of the iViews from SAP are delivered (for instance the ABAP ones and the BEX Broadcaster ones). If you have any input on how to make these work I would really appreciate.


Kristian Kalsing said...

Developing the web part as described in the document has worked fine for me. However, it does seem to render the IView significantly slower.

Anonymous said...

it really does not I tried in simple html inside framing and result was same 'infinite loop'