01 June, 2008

Finally a slick reporting tool for SharePoint

How to report on data in SharePoint is something I've always been asked about regularly. And considering how simple it usually is to achieve quick wins in SharePoint, the questioner is always disappointed when I point to various tools that are not all that straight forward to understand or use.

But now there is a better answer. The Melbourne-based company Nintex have just released Nintex Reporting 2008. With this product you can author interactive Silverlight charts that report on content or activity information within SharePoint. It also comes with a bunch of customisable pre-built reports.

My hunch is that this product will be an absolute success. And no, I have no affiliation with Nintex. I just think it's great to see such a slick product filling an obvious gap.

It's definitely worth keeping an eye on Nintex' products. Very recently two SharePoint legends, Mike Fitzmaurice and Joel Oleson, have both left Microsoft to join Nintex.

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