07 April, 2009

List of SAP/SharePoint interoperability resources

Following up on my presentation to the Brisbane SharePoint User Group (#BSPUG) last night about bringing SAP data and functionality into SharePoint, here’s a list of resources you should be aware of if you are playing in this space:

White papers


  • Microsoft .NET and SAP
    February 2009
    This has just been released and it is the first book dedicated to .NET and SAP interoperability.


  • WSRP Toolkit for SharePoint 2007
    December 2008
    Provides sample code for producing WSRP conformant data from SharePoint lists and libraries. That data can then be rendered natively in SAP Portal.
  • OBA Sample Application Kit for SAP
    February 2008
    Sample Visual Studio setup for building OBAs interacting with SAP. Includes sample Application Definition files for the SharePoint BDC.

If you have anything to add to this list, please let me know. You may also want to check out some of my previous posts:

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Anonymous said...

Great list! Thanks. Here are other solutions to integrate SharePoint and SAP:

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