16 June, 2009

SAP Microsoft interoperability slide deck for business process solutions

This year’s Mastering SAP Technologies conference has just been wrapped up and it has certainly been a great couple of days. Like last year, there were lots of great sessions about upcoming technologies and a few really good case study presentations as well.

I was facilitating a couple of workshops in the Interactive Zone about SAP/Microsoft interoperability. It was great to have an opportunity to share experiences with other people interested in building innovative solutions bringing SAP data and functionality into the Microsoft stack.

One of the workshops was focused on business process solutions and how you can target multiple platforms in a service-oriented architecture. Thanks to my colleagues Alex Xie and Richard Frykberg for helping out with getting the content together. Please find the slide deck here:

I will publish the slide deck from the other interoperability workshop focused on portal solutions later this week, so please make sure you subscribe to stay tuned.


LukCAD said...

Thank you, very useful post. Have you shared sample of SOA implementation for demo?

Kristian Kalsing said...

I haven't shared any sample code as I do not personally own the IP of the solutions used for the demos.