18 June, 2009

SAP Microsoft interoperability slide deck for portal solutions

At the Mastering SAP Technologies conference, we were conducting two SAP/Microsoft interoperability workshops in the Interactive Zone. One of these workshops was focused on portal solutions and what options are available for interoperability between SharePoint and NetWeaver Portal.

The workshop brought up some interesting discussions comparing and contrasting the two portal products. Consensus was that both portals have relative strengths and weaknesses despite covering similar feature areas. For example, SharePoint is often the preferred choice for collaboration and cross-functional horizontal integration and NetWeaver Portal is favourable for delivering standard business packages and vertical integration into SAP.

It’s also noteworthy, that having both SharePoint and NetWeaver Portal deployed appears to be a general trend within the SAP install base. Large organisations in particular are increasingly considering a dual portal strategy as a viable approach, leveraging the best of both worlds.

You can view the slide deck that was used as a backdrop for the discussions here:

The other SAP/Microsoft interoperability workshop at the conference was focused on business process solutions and covered a broader spectrum of UI platforms as well as the tools and technologies facilitating the integration between the SAP and Microsoft technology stacks. You can find the slide deck from that workshop here.

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