09 August, 2009

Enterprise mashup slide deck from SharePoint Saturday Sydney

This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking about enterprise mashups at SharePoint Saturday Sydney. Thanks to Brian Farnhill and Ben Walters for putting in an enormous effort as organisers. For a community-driven event, it was run very professionally. The bar has been set high for SharePoint Saturday’s further foray around Australia.

My session was about leveraging SharePoint as a platform for enterprise mashups, first of all focusing on bringing LOB system data closer to the casual user. Thanks to all of you who came to my presentation. I am yet to create screencasts of the demos but the slide deck is available here:

As promised on Saturday, here is a list of resources that will be helpful if you want to create mashups similar to the ones in my demos:

  • AE Google Map Web Part
    I used this free web part for the Office Directory. There are also quite a few commercial ones out there with slightly more functionality.
  • Business Data Catalog Resource Center
    The BDC is the cornerstone component when bringing business data into SharePoint. There is a dedicated resource centre on MSDN.
  • White paper on using the SharePoint BDC to access SAP data
    If you are interested in accessing SAP in particular, then this white paper is a good place to start.
  • Customize the Search Result (using XSLT)
    The rendering of the search results was customised using SharePoint Designer as described in this blog post.
  • Binary Free SharePoint Twitter Search Web Part
    The Twitter web part in the Single View of Customer demo was created using the data view web part following the approach in this post.
  • SharePoint Reviews
    The eco-system of partners and products around SharePoint is constantly growing. This site has a broad directory of web parts you can potentially include in your mashups.
  • ProgrammableWeb
    This comprehensive directory of public APIs and mashups is a good place to look for value-adds and other functionality you can bring into your mashups. It is also a great source of inspiration.
  • Accessing business data with SharePoint 2010
    We briefly discussed the evolution of the SharePoint BDC into Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in SharePoint 2010. In this post, I elaborate a bit more on that.

As I have a particular focus on the integration with SAP, I am more than happy to hear from you if you have any questions in that regards.

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Harish Mathanan said...

love the overview of mashups and the examples within SharePoint!