02 September, 2009

Presenting on OBAs for SAP at Microsoft TechEd Australia

Next week I will be heading back to the Gold Coast (I have only just returned from a very fruitful Microsoft Partner Conference there) for Microsoft TechEd Australia. Reading the TechEd Backstage blog it is shaping up to be a massive event and I am really looking forward to it. I will be doing a session with Domenic Chiera on Office Business Applications (OBAs). The session details are as follows:

OFC330 Integrating LOB interfaces into familiar ones
Presenters: Domenic Chiera, Kristian Kalsing
Thursday 10 September | 15:30-16:45 | Meeting Room 7
The average Enterprise Organisation has 32 Line of Business Applications. The rub is that on average 31 interfaces are provided to end users for these 32 applications leading to increased training costs, application switching, and little reuse of data between applications. In this session learn how to consolidate the number of interfaces for end users into their productivity environment and create Office Business Applications to give a single interface to the applications and data through Office.

Domenic will provide an overview of what OBAs are, why they are valuable to the business and what components constitute an OBA. I will demonstrate real-world solutions where SAP is the line-of-business system surfaced through Office and discuss the critical success factors in designing and implementing these solutions.

Throughout the conference I will be keen to catch up with anyone who wants to discuss integration with SAP. The Microsoft application platform provides an excellent opportunity to bring SAP data and functionality out to more users. Just ping me on Twitter (@kalsing) or through OCS on the conference network and we can find an appropriate place and time to meet up.

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