23 October, 2009

Day 4 of the SharePoint Conference 2009

The last day of the SharePoint Conference was a short one. After breakfast I had a closer look at another third-party product. AgilePoint has a workflow solution that includes activities that can be wired up to SAP BAPIs through their integrated BAPI explorer. The interesting part about their product is that it presents a workflow solution for SharePoint without leaving a footprint on the SharePoint infrastructure itself.

Due to my travel arrangements, I only managed to fit in one session on this last day of the conference. I watched Rob Foster, well-known from the SharePoint Pod Show, present a case study with one of his colleagues from Deloitte about how social networking and improved collaboration have transformed Deloitte as an organisation. Social networking has helped break down silos and taken collaboration to a new level. Rich user profiles and associated blogs also allow individual employees to better manage their personal brand within the organisation which is always important in a large consulting company. The user profiles also display HR data replicated from SAP which was nice to see. Deloitte has implemented a very open policy about content contribution. Initially, concerns were raised that this could potentially lead to inappropriate content being posted. However, this turned out to be no problem at all. Everyone seems to acknowledge that what is not appropriate in an email or in the real world for that matter is probably not appropriate on a user-driven site either. Another point made was the rollout being successfully facilitated in a viral manner rather than forced upon people.

Unfortunately I had to skip the last two breakout sessions to catch my flight out of Vegas. It has indeed been a fantastic conference. There were lots of sessions providing a good feeling for all the new capabilities of the milestone SharePoint 2010 release and some excellent customer presentations about valuable lessons learnt. I also managed to track down everyone I wanted to meet which was a bit challenging at times with 8,000 people around. Thanks to everyone for a great week!

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