13 March, 2010

SAP/Microsoft interoperability tutorial at the Mastering SAP Technologies conference

It has come around quickly. It is yet again time for the annual Mastering SAP Technologies conference (22-24 March), this year to take place in Sydney. It is always a great event bringing together the SAP technical community and I am really looking forward to it.

Like last year, I will be delivering a tutorial focused on SAP/Microsoft interoperability. It will be run as an interactive session where knowledge sharing is highly encouraged, so come along both to learn and to share your experiences. The outline of the session is as follows:

  • Motivations for SAP/Microsoft interoperability solutions.
  • Examples of surfacing SAP through Microsoft UIs.
  • Live demos of SAP/SharePoint solutions.
  • Service-oriented architecture principles.
  • Interoperability tools and technologies.
  • Overview of Duet Enterprise.
  • Critical success factors based on real-life experiences.

In particular, I am looking forward to share the latest on Duet Enterprise. We will have some discussions around what is different from previous versions of Duet and why it has potential for becoming a huge success.

On the Sunday afternoon, preceding the official agenda, there is also the SAP Inside Track. This is a community-driven event for learning and networking where many SAP Mentors will participate too. It is an informal setup with open and improvised sessions on hot topics that the audience is interested in. Judging by the community activity on Twitter lately, it is shaping up to be a promising day.

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