23 March, 2010

Slide deck and wrap-up from Mastering SAP Technologies

The Mastering SAP Technologies conference this week has been another top class event with an atmosphere very conducive of both learning and networking. The mix of customers, vendors and global experts provided an excellent opportunity for invaluable sharing of experiences.

The general feel was that SAP is heading in the right direction, both with technology improvements but also in terms of shifting to a more agile development approach across the board. This won’t necessarily mean more frequent releases, but they will become much more flexible in responding to customer demands.

What customers are looking for at the technology conferences is not so much new business functionality as it is ways of increasing return on the existing investment in SAP and lowering the total cost of ownership. With the strong focus on UI technologies and application management (Solution Manager, etc.) respectively, I think most attendees got to see what they came for.

From my perspective, it was great to see that my session no longer was the only presentation focused on SAP/Microsoft interoperability. I was also very pleased to see several CIOs on stage talk about surfacing SAP through SharePoint as a key component of their strategy going forward.

Judging by the full room at my session, there is definitely an increased interest in SAP/Microsoft interoperability. I provided a general introduction into the topic and demoed a couple of real-life solutions. Below is the slide deck (excluding demos and video):


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristian,
Your presentation was one of the highlights for me, next time makesure you get a bigger room.

BTW where can i find the MS video on the future


Kristian Kalsing said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, AB. I'm glad it was of value to you.

The envisioning videos from the Microsoft Office Labs can be found here: