27 June, 2010

SAP is seeking participants for the beta shipment of SAP Connector for .NET 3.0

After abandoning new developments on the SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET, SAP has now announced that a new version 3.0 is planned to be released in December 2010. A beta version will be made available to selected partners and customers during the second half of 2010. By participating in the beta release, you can gain early hands-on experience and get special project support from the product team.

Development on the SAP Connector for .NET was previously withdrawn with a view to put more focus on SAP Enterprise Services as the preferred framework for integration. However, the reality is that customers want options. Enterprise Services may not be the preferred web services layer or web services may not be part of the architecture at all for certain solutions.

If you have access to the SAP Service Marketplace you can find more details here about the beta shipment and how to apply for participation. Note, you are not allowed to use the beta software for production solutions and there is no migration from version 1.0/2.0 to the beta version of release 3.0.

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Here you find a how-to tutorial about the new and easy SAP/SharePoint BCS Connector tool from Theobald Software: