01 December, 2010

General availability of Duet Enterprise

The long anticipated development platform for SAP/Microsoft interoperability solutions, Duet Enterprise, is slated for general availability later this week. To mark this milestone, there will be a Duet Enterprise Launch Summit on the 1st of February 2011. The summit will have physical events in Frankfurt and Orlando, but you can also attend the event online at no cost.

For companies that run on SAP and utilise SharePoint as the broad collaboration platform within the enterprise, Duet Enterprise provides interoperability infrastructure and a development framework for building solutions that span across both technology stacks. It supports all versions of SAP from 4.6c and up, but does require NetWeaver 7.02 and SharePoint 2010 (and optionally Office 2010 for offline scenarios).

1 comment:

Sandeep said...

It has RTM'ed yesterday. Should be available to the customers soon