11 July, 2011

Webinar on surfacing SAP through SharePoint

At the European SharePoint Conference in Berlin in October, I will be speaking about accelerating business processes with an SAP/SharePoint integrated approach to solution development. In particular, the session will focus on leveraging business user-oriented tools such as InfoPath and the Winshuttle usability suite to automate business processes that involve interaction with SAP.

Leading up to the conference there is a pretty solid schedule of regular webinars, free for all, providing brief introductions into the topics covered at the conference. Wednesday this week, I will be delivering a session on surfacing SAP through SharePoint. It won’t be a deep technical dive but rather an introduction into why SharePoint should be considered in the context of SAP and what the main challenges are. This is the outline:

Surfacing SAP through SharePoint
40% of ERP implementations have user adoption issues resulting in limited ROI from initial investments in ERP. Complex generic interfaces that are not intuitive for casual users of line-of-business systems such as SAP continue to slow down business processes. The popularity and rapid adoption of SharePoint provide a tremendous opportunity for bringing core SAP functionality out to more users while meeting usability expectations.
This session outlines why surfacing SAP through SharePoint is beneficial to the business and provides an overview of the key challenges in implementing SAP/SharePoint integrated solutions.

You can sign up for the webinar here and also check out all the other upcoming webinars. These are 20-30 min sessions on some very relevant topics where you will also have the opportunity to ask questions.


Anonymous said...

One question. guiXT is generally used to reduce the complexity of the SAPgui screens. What I have is some kind of form development can be done via SharePoint for example sales order, delivery, etc. Is this possible?



Kristian Kalsing said...

Yes, building forms on SharePoint which are fully integrated with SAP is certainly possible. SharePoint is a particular good platform for this if you want flexible workflows to underpin those forms.