16 February, 2012

Export SAP data to SharePoint with Winshuttle Query

When business users are automating processes by essentially building applications in SharePoint, there are often use cases where a solution needs to include data from SAP. It could be mash-up scenarios between SharePoint content and SAP data or it could be simple use cases where having SAP data in SharePoint for easy access makes sense.

There are many ways of achieving this through custom programming. However, what I wanted to bring to your attention here is a new feature of Winshuttle Query which effectively empowers a business user to create an SAP data query and export the extract to a SharePoint list without writing any code.

I have recorded a five-minute video that demonstrates how this works. The video shows the desktop approach which is handy for quick prototypes and ad-hoc requirements. There is also an enterprise version of this functionality where the data queries can be scheduled to run regularly on a server, automatically keeping the SharePoint lists in sync with the SAP tables. Apologies if my voice sounds a bit muffled on the video. I blame Camtasia’s voice optimisation.


Cbu said...

Hello, I just tried to use this new feature in the version Query 10.3. And in the destination Type, the 2 options SQL Server and SharePoint are disabled.
Do we need to have the Server Module to activate the SharePoint List export ?

Kristian Kalsing said...

Cbu, yes this is an "Enterprise" feature and requires you have Winshuttle Central and Server.

Cbu said...

indeed.. I just need to wait for the SAP admin to Install Server on SAP Server.