15 March, 2012

Speaking at SAPPHIRE NOW and the ASUG Annual Conference 2012 in Orlando

Time flies and we’re rapidly approaching May and the annual SAP bonanza in Orlando. Like last year, I’ll be delivering a presentation on how to empower business units to solve SAP challenges with SharePoint. I will have a particular focus on where to find the “low hanging fruit” and the characteristics of those use cases. This is the session abstract:

Leveraging SharePoint to Empower the "Business Developer"
Increasingly, business people empower themselves to create solutions that support their business functions. These business developers are here to stay and harnessing their enthusiasm and integral domain knowledge can provide the business with a vital competitive advantage.
Considering SharePoint's popularity amongst business users and its wide range of core capabilities aimed at business developers, it provides an immense opportunity for supporting business processes across the enterprise. Without writing code, it is possible to extend the use of SharePoint to include solutions that are fully integrated with SAP.
This session will outline what it takes to surface SAP transactions in SharePoint following an approach that is entirely driven by the business. In particular, there will be specific examples of how a business developer can utilize SharePoint to create forms and workflow solutions which evolve around SAP.

During the conference, I will also be conducting research interviews with subject matter experts in functional areas that can benefit from SAP/SharePoint integrated solutions. If you are going to the conference and want to share knowledge and experiences around surfacing SAP through SharePoint, I’d be keen to hear from you. You can reach out to me on Twitter (@kalsing) or send me an email.