13 January, 2014

Speaking at the ASUG Chapter Meeting in New York City

There is an effort going on to revitalise the ASUG community for the New York City Metro Area. If you are based in the area and work with SAP, it's a great community to get involved in. The next meeting will be on February 5 and you can sign up on the ASUG website. I'll be there delivering a session on improving SAP master data.

Improve master data quality and save your company millions of dollars
Poor master data quality costs businesses millions of dollars in both lost opportunities and having to rectify mistakes. With the increased speed of data access delivered by SAP HANA technologies, a high quality master data foundation becomes even more critical. In this session, it will be discussed how to quickly improve data quality with lightweight and cost-effective solutions, employing a bottom-up approach that will yield immediate results.

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